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Ameriplan® Dental and Medical  Health Care

Dental insurance is something everyone should have. Yet seven out of ten Americans don't have any form of dental care or dental coverage. Why is this so? The reason is, most people simply can't afford it. The sad fact is, when the uninsured have a problem, they often put off going to a dentist. Not getting needed dental attention often makes the initial dental problem even worse. Often, once they "cave in" and finally see a dentist, just what they feared would happen, does: They're stuck with an enormous bill. For example, many people find themselves having to make the tough decision: health insurance and dental, or just health insurance? Everyone wants to have all the health care coverage they need. Unfortunately for many, the extra cost of a dental plan isn't feasible. In an ideal world, everyone would have dental insurance, because everyone could afford it. In today's dicey economy, however, there is an alternative to high-cost, tedious insurance plans that add dental for an extra fee or plain dental insurance itself. Ameriplan is the supplemental dental benefit program that more and more Americans are signing on to - that doesn't break the bank. Ameriplan® offers for a membership fee of less than $20.00 per month. Fee for service medical and dental programs are fast becoming the alternative to traditional dental insurance and health insurance plans. dental, Vision, Prescription Drug and Chiropractic CareAmeriplan® is at the forefront of consumer driven health care and over two million Americans and their families are already members of Ameriplan®. You can get the care you need without dental insurance because Ameriplan give you access to over 25,000 network porivders to help you with your dental needs. As a member with Ameriplan®, you simply show your membership card when visiting any participating plan provider to receive services at greatly reduced rates. Once you have joined, you can start using it almost instantly. There is no waiting period, and care for most plans activate within three business days afterdiscounted joining. No longer will you have to suffer with pain or uncertainty about your physical and dental health. In addition, since there are no HMOs or insurance companies to deal with, so youAmeriplan® is a discounted fee for service, won't be discriminated against for having on going medical and dental problems. AmeriPlan® members receive significant savings... up to 50% and more on physicians, labs, imaging centers and a full array of medical services. The dental, vision, prescription drug and chiropractic benefits of AmeriPlan's® program can save you up to 80% on much needed services. You may also realize additional savings on expenses associated with hospital admittances by utilizing the AmeriPlan Health® Patient Advocacy Program. AmeriPlan Health® is now available in most states.

With Ameriplan® you will not only be able to save on dental, medical, vision, prescription, and chiropractic. You will now be able to save on legal advice, identity theft assistance and roadside assistance. Newly added benefits: Nurseline Ameriplan® offers its medical members access to medical professionals through the TeleMedicine concept. You recieve 24/7 unlimited access to Nurseline for your entire household at no additional cost. Licensed registered nurses address your healthcare issue and advise as appropriate for an RN. Ameriplan® Auto Club (Administered by the United States Auto Club, Motoring Division) Emergency roadside service provided 24/7. $50 discount (just sign and drive) for towing, flat tire, out of gas and lockout services. Members receive an additional 25% discount on all retail charges exceeding $50. Ameriplan® Legal Services (administered by CLC) Free initial consultation with an attorney on each separate legal matter. Members receive a 25% discount on any ongoing legal fees. Access to over 4,500 online legal and financial documents, along with a complete legal reference resource. Ameriplan® Identity Theft Assistance (administered by CLC) Provides education on identity theft prevention. In cases where identity theft has occurred, a personal advocate assists members from the first call to completed resolution. If necessary, legal referrals are available, with free consultation and a 25% discount on ongoing attorney fees.



Ameriplan Health is a national company. Thandi Zulu are inviting you to take care of yourself and your family with Ameriplan Health. Your life is full of precious things; the people you love, the home you live in, products you need to keep the things you value most in life secure. Ameriplan health is a national company click here to look for a provider in your zip code.   Is the high cost of quality supplemental health care gettingyou down? Are you one of 7 out of 10 Americans with no Dental saving program? Look no further…it is now possible to access affordable dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic programs for your entire household.



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Since 1992, Ameriplan Health members have saved hundredsof millions of dollars receiving discounted health care services using the Ameriplan Health provider network. Our network has tens of thousands of health care professionals across the country. You've probably come to this site wondering what promises AmeriPlan health has been delivering on - well, since 1992 AmeriPlan health has been delivering on the promises of: a) helping over one million members save more than A)billion dollars on healthcare and B) AmeriPlan health has helped thousands of families make millions of dollars with our incredible business opportunity, which helps them build a lifetime of residual income.  We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you taking time out to watch our 13-minute "Save Money/Make Money" video online. We understand that AmeriPlan health  may or may not be for you, or the timing just isn't right, but in appreciation for your time, please view the video in its entirety to receive your Free Gift ($100 value) Click here. Remember, if you are interested in "Saving Money" or "Making Money", AmeriPlan Health is "Delivering on the Promise" to help you reach all of your dreams!

TestimonialsWant to know what AmeriPlan® members are saying about the AmeriPlan® program? Here are people who are saving with our Discount Medical Plan Organization! AmeriPlan® members share their own experiences


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